Arend Ardon

Tim van der Meij

“Collaborating ‘innocently.’ In other words, approaching the situation with an open mind and without judgment. That is one of the key elements of change. The more we realize that we often get caught in our own behaviors and learn how to help each other, the more effective and enjoyable it becomes to collaborate. This is what motivates me every day, and I am eager to make a meaningful contribution.”

Tim holds a background in business administration, social psychology, and organizational psychology. Building on this foundation, he has furthered his expertise through various assignments and training encompassing communication and behavior training, Return on Investment (measuring the effectiveness of learning), systemic work in organizations, team coaching, and body-oriented coaching.

Tim is a people-oriented, analytical, and enthusiastic professional. He is a dedicated consultant who enjoys tackling tough challenges. His approach can be characterized as people-focused, appreciative, and exploratory. Close to everyday practice – that’s where it all happens.