Arend Ardon

Arjan Lautenbach

“Fascinated by what people can achieve together, I am intrigued by how leaders and professionals, in dynamic and uncertain times, collectively embrace new thinking. They make their differences productive, extract more from themselves, and exceed what they thought was possible, both individually and collectively. I am inspired by how they derive social value from their relationships, interactions, and innovative ways of collaboration. Also, I’m interested in how changes can sometimes get stuck in this process. I am motivated to contribute precisely in these areas. To assist in realizing profound changes that meaningfully contribute to the collective ambition within organizations.”

Arjan Lautenbach (1971) has a background in Commercial Economics and in Social and Organizational Psychology (actually his first love), and is an internationally certified NLP trainer. His refreshing constructive contrariness, sharpness in observation, ego-free way of getting under your skin, and precision in providing feedback on what he sees are characteristic. As a change facilitator, trainer, and coach, he assists leaders, professionals, and teams in developing, growing, and innovating in their changing organizations. He regularly shares his insights and observations on LinkedIn and on his e-learning platform