Arend Ardon

Lieke Groen

“The things that fascinate me the most often have to do with human behavior. A significant part of that fascination is about how the lack of knowledge about human behavior, despite the best intentions, can still cause problems in organizations. People sometimes behave differently than is expected rationally or logically. I believe that approaching organizational issues from a behavioral perspective adds great value – that’s what I like to engage with!”

Lieke studied Social and Organizational Psychology and Philosophy at Leiden University. During both of her theses, she delved into the (intrinsic) motivation of people in organizations, from both a psychological and a philosophical perspective. Before joining The Change Studio, Lieke worked as a consultant at the research and advisory firm Andersson Elffers Felix. She also participated in the Nationale DenkTank, where she delved into the mental consequences of the digitization of society. Lieke is a quick thinker, with an eye for detail and the environment, allowing her to quickly form an understanding of the relationships and dynamics within groups. Her style is characterized by great precision, with a touch of humor.”