Arend Ardon

Avalon Diebels

“The strength of an organization lies in its people. Provide them with an empathic environment that offers perspective and witness the movement and connection that arises.”

Mr. Avalon Diebels (1990) graduated as a legal expert specializing in criminal law in 2014. Human behavior and the human psyche endlessly fascinate her. Through her extensive work experience in criminal law, Avalon is certain of one thing: people are capable of change if you know how to engage in conversation and inspire. Even the most stagnant situation can be set in motion, but it requires tailor-made solutions. To provide this bespoke approach, Avalon took a leap of faith and has been fully focusing on the field of change management and leadership for several years. Before joining The Change Studio, Avalon already worked as an organizational consultant in the public sector and as a change & leadership consultant in a Big Four consultancy firm. Over the years, Avalon has specialized in inclusive organizations and female leadership, publishing on these topics in the Lof professional journal.