Arend Ardon

Carmen Reissig

“The common thread in my work is my fascination with human behavior. With my interest in people and strong empathy, I enjoy creating the trust and safety needed to collaboratively achieve new insights and behavioral change. It energizes me to inspire others to look at different possibilities and foster connections within organizations with optimism. I am curious and like to cast an analytical eye on what is happening.”

Carmen graduated as a Psychologist specializing in Brain and Cognition from Erasmus University Rotterdam. During a Leadership course at the University of Sydney, Australia, her interest in the organizational aspect of Psychology emerged. Through previous professional experiences, she gained insights into various layers of organizations, learning about culture, dynamics, and connection. Carmen is a good listener and asks critical questions when necessary. She is disciplined and dedicates herself to achieving the desired result with full commitment. In addition to her analytical approach, she brings a necessary dose of enthusiasm and creativity.