Daniël Wolf

Daniël Wolfs

“With great dedication, I help people join forces to achieve lasting results through collaboration. In a way that ensures that everyone acquires profound understanding of the change, is committed to the targeted end result, and knows what each and every one of them needs to do to shape the change.

Aside from that, I give lectures, workshops, and training in the area of collaboration, change management, behaviour and culture change, always with great pleasure and energy, often drawing from my book Magic Makers – de kracht van samen veranderen or my various articles.”

Primary expertise

facilitating | changing together | cross-organisational collaboration | bringing strategy to life | inspiration (lectures, chairing events)

Common requests that Daniël Wolfs gets from clients include:

‘We want to go on an offsite retreat with a diverse group of people, can you organise that for us?’

Changing together and cross-organisational collaboration
‘How can we join forces in collaboration, despite all the things that set us apart?’
‘How do I achieve effective change in a complex environment?’
‘How do we bolster collaboration across our organisation? How do I improve collaboration between my organisation and vendors, customers, or other organisations?’
‘We want to understand each other (again), how do we eliminate the static?’
‘I want to apply Theory U in my change process. How do I go about that and what will I get out of it?’

Clients have said the following about Daniël:

“A pleasant, dynamic, and highly capable professional. His wide-ranging knowledge of tried-and-tested methods does not keep him from challenging his environment with a creative and innovative approach. He then manages to translate acquired insights to a structural solution that exceeds the team’s expectations.”
“Daniël is very professional in how he works. He brings a lot of energy and humour, and he is very easy-going towards me and my primary stakeholders. He always keeps things practical, result-driven, and action-based.”
“Amazing how you lead our group to such a height. You helped us accomplish a great deal more in a few days than we would have otherwise – that is the value you bring.”
“As a facilitator, Daniël is exemplary. It seems as if he is directing everything, but his main strength is his ability to bring useful things to the surface.”