Thijs Leenman

“As a change expert, I am driven by a desire to help organisations achieve sustainable change, so as to ensure they substantially boost their impact. I approach change issues from my background in psychology and communications, with a particular focus on the employee’s perspective. My ultimate aim is not only to design a strategy, but also to together bring employees’ intrinsic commitment to the surface.”

Thijs Leenman MSc. is an organisational psychologist and communications expert. The research he did for his Master’s degrees in Organizational Psychology (at VU University Amsterdam) and Corporate Communication (at the University of Amsterdam) focused on leadership and employee motivation. It resulted in publications about the link between leadership communication and employee motivation. In these publications, he strikes a balance between modern scientific insights and practical advice on how to facilitate behaviour change in the workplace. He carries this balance over into his consultancy work, which sees him facilitate workshops and support change processes. Always with his signature keen eye for managers’ and employees’ intrinsic motivation and the influence of (underlying) mental and communicative dynamics.

Primary expertise

Organisational change | Leader & Employee Motivation | Organisational culture | IT Implementations | Behaviour change | Performance & Reward


Leenman, Thijs., Verhoeven, Joost. (2018). Communicerend motiveren: een dubbel mediatiemodel. Gedrag en Organisatie. (Under review).

Leenman, Thijs., de Vries, Reinout. (2018). Facilitating autonomous motivation: A framework for communicating and listening leaders. (In progress).