Krijn Donker

“Many organisations have plenty of ideas for doing things better. And they have opportunities. And they certainly have the talent to make it happen. Working together to bring out that energy and potential is what drives me. In my experience, people are not against change, per se. What they resent is the pain of change and being made to change. Together with individuals and groups I explore how we can approach change creatively, with an entrepreneurial mindset and from a human perspective. Making it an ongoing journey with a mix of ‘touch’ and ‘tech’.”

Krijn Donker (1972) is a business consultant with a passion for the human factor (touch) and an interest in technology application (‘tech’). Over the past twenty years he has built a robust base of international experience in numerous organisations and campaigns featuring on thematic areas in strategy development, innovation, leadership and organisational development. The thread connecting his career path has been in pursuing a balance between ‘Leading the People’ and ‘Leading the Business’. It was never about pursuing change for the sake of change itself.

Both in his role as program director with one of the largest family businesses in the Netherlands, Pon, as well as through BEDDERx, a company founded by Krijn, he has enjoyed close working relations with the IMD Business School in Lausanne, Switzerland. He has developed and directed strategy and leadership journeys, combining academic insights and developments into ‘customised’, pragmatic solutions in support of everyday operations.

Primary expertise

Co-designing journeys | Facilitating co-creation sessions | Making strategic themes come alive | Leadership development | Cultivating innovation climate | Organisation development | Inspiring business acumen | ‘Thorn in the side’

Common requests that Krijn Donker gets from clients include:

Creative strategy formation and implementation
‘How do we build a strong Finance strategy and organisation structure? How can we strengthen our culture in a way that makes people look back with pride?’
‘Can you assist our organisation in creating twelve new high performance teams?
‘Can you help us design a transition process and develop a toolkit to support the change path towards a new commercial organisation’.

Cultivating a climate that supports innovation
‘What steps must be taken to create a sound basis for an innovation lab within our company?’
‘How do we translate our core values into business drive and responsible behaviour?’
‘What experiments can help us innovate and improve our training and coaching structures?’

People-focused venturous leadership
‘What’s the relationship between our core values and our business performance?’
‘How do we build trust and confidence to support our growth ambitions for the next 2-3 years?’
‘Can you organise a multi-day event offsite for our Executive Board with our organisation culture as the leading theme?’

Inspiring continual change
‘How can we stimulate behavioural change and make the process measurable?’
‘The team sessions were excellent. But how do we anchor those insights while busy coping with everyday challenges?’
‘What proof of learning can we distil from our training and inspiration sessions on behalf of the change process? Where are we likely to see real effects and behavioural changes?’