Rutger Bartelsman

“With a sharp perception and a warm-hearted approach my passion is to inspire and connect people. Facilitating people to reach long lasting impact with their actions and reflections makes my heart beat. My perspective is grounded in public administration and organization sciences, resulting in a special attention for the different perspectives people adhere to when dealing with change.”

Rutger Bartelsman MSc (1992) is an organizational change expert with a fascination for cooperation, development of communication-patterns and (personal) leadership. Grounded in his experience as a consultant to and founder of various social enterprises he works with people to create and sustain positive influence over their teams, organisations and (social) environments. In his work he focusses on development of team configurations, leadership development and personal effectiveness. He carries a well-packed amount of interventions to develop reflection processes, team-effectiveness and to help leaders create more leaders.

Primary expertise

Inciting change processes | facilitating team processes | breaking patterns | finding new ways to solve old problems

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