Change journeys: in a nutshell

Can a change in your organization provide energy? Can it be a dynamic process where, together with all your colleagues, external partners, and/or clients, you actively contribute to innovation? We believe it can.

Three elements constitute the essence of all our change journeys – which we naturally tailor together perfectly to suit your specific change needs.

1 | Conscious development.

2 | A consistent change process.

3 | Intensive learning.

Together, we define the change goals and design a coherent approach. From day one, we actively work towards the desired change in a recognizable process, closely aligned with reality and practical application.

Achieving irreversible changes. We accomplish this by innovating along an innovative path. Accelerating where possible, slowing down where necessary. Robust and consistent with your change ambition.

Fostering an organization or team that consistently continues to develop. Together, we pause to reflect on lessons learned, and we transfer the experiences, knowledge, and skills.


“An energetic change process to implement strategy – translated into concrete actions that truly make a difference.”

René Verkuylen | Board member

Hans van Geffen Testimonial Change Studio

“Accelerate where possible, decelerate where necessary – a one-day restructuring.”

Hans van Geffen | Director


“Choosing the most suitable change approach together and achieving results.”

Theo Dijkstra | Municipal Secretary


Together on a journey

Activities can be planned, but change cannot be precisely scheduled. It remains important to continually assess “what is needed” based on the experiences we gain. Whatever the change requires, together we create the most suitable approach. We would be happy to discuss this with you.