Personal leadership journeys

A few times a year, we embark on journeys with small groups of leaders (executives/senior managers and young leaders). In magical places, we engage in conversations about leadership questions. About your origins and your role as a leader in the future. About ingrained patterns and new perspectives. About your talents and your challenges. Participants describe it as personal and intensely enriching. They also gain an inspiring network for life.

In a nutshell

We embark on journeys with the leaders of the future. Together, we venture both literally and figuratively off the beaten path. Meaningful conversations, profound insights, and personal transformation that you can see and feel.

Our leadership journeys take you along new roads. Thus, a journey unfolds where you gain insights and experiences that linger with you – nurturing your growth as an authentic leader. We settle for nothing less. Our leadership journeys guide you along new paths.

Aligned with your leadership themes.

Profound insight into your personal leadership.

Experience of personal strength.

In the context in which you operate, tailored to the challenges you and your organization face. Aligned with the demands of the present era.

You develop a deep awareness of your ingrained patterns and learn how to stand strong, both as an individual and in collaboration.

You learn to appreciate what you hold dear and gain insights to address your own obstacles. You will approach the challenges ahead with new perspectives.

Experiences of former participants

"In my leadership style, ingrained patterns were hindering me; the Leadership Journey revealed those patterns and taught me how to break free from them. As a result, the Leadership Journey has brought about a breakthrough in my leadership."

Wim KlaassenVoorzitter College van Bestuur Salto

"The Challenger Journey is the most intensive leadership program I have undertaken, and consequently, the most impactful. I have learned to harness my strengths more effectively and am now better equipped to address my weaknesses. This knowledge extends beyond theory and has practical application as well."

Colin van HoekHoofd Nieuwsanalyse DPG

"The journey was life-changing. I started to perceive myself, my surroundings, and life in a different way. The Change Studio provided a warm and secure environment, along with a fantastic program that ignited magic from the very first minute."

Carola Maassen van den BrinkFreelance Marketingstrateeg (voorheen Marketing Director | Libelle & Margiet | DPG Media)

"A magical journey with more than excellent guidance: loving, with full attention, and joy. The people at The Change Studio truly know what they are doing. The journey has made me a more self-aware and, consequently, a better leader."

Ariadne VeenhuizenDiensthoofd Communicatie Nationale Politie