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Robin Schaap

“Ever since I was young, I have been fascinated by the power of people and the personal blockages that limit their potential. My passion is to help (groups of) people realize their dreams for themselves and their organization.”

Robin Schaap (1995) is a graduated management consultant at Rotterdam School of Management. Robin has specialized in (personal) leadership since a young age. He knows how to inspire (groups of) people to step out of their comfort zone, to show courage, to be curious, to trust and to get closer to themselves and their dream. He has years of experience as a leader in transition processes. From the age of 28 he has been (co) director of the leading horticultural company Koppert Cress. A fast-growing innovative organization with an impressive “honors list” such as Best Managed Company (2016 – 2018), FD Gazellen Award (2016), the Koning Willem I Plaque for sustainable entrepreneurship and the highest ranking as best employer (Effectory) in 2019.

As part of The Change Studio, Robin lectures, coaches and trains with great pleasure and authenticity. In addition, he guides multi-day Leadership Journeys. Robin moves people, time and again.