Rik Spann - The Change Studio

Rik Spann

“‘The change is not in the score. The change is in the gig’ : to succesfully navigate complex change and innovation, it is necessary to be able to reflect on yourself and your social interaction from different, fresh perspectives.  I love to invite customers to the world of jazz improvisation. To experience what we can learn from jazz about leadership and learning. It’s my passion to contribute to this by engaging in research, publications and seminars.”
Rik Spann MA (1959) is corporate musicologist. He is active in several international projects at the crossroads of education, communication, innovation and social creativity – and is considered to be an authority in the field of clarifying key management ideas by (partly live demonstrated) music metaphors. With a special focus on the connection between the ‘artist’s mind’, group flow (the ‘human groove’), communication and digital transformation. In the context of change programs he delivers a surprising perspective, innovative management insights, a sense of connection, inspiration and energy. 
Furthermore, Rik is a boardmember of the CMM Institute for Personal and Social Evolution, associate of the TAOS Institute, co-founder of the ‘Goudse School’ and associate of IFGIC, the Institute for Global Integral Competence. Under the umbrella of Kind Of Blue Leadership Jazz he publishes academic articles (on the jazz metaphor and transformative learning and leadership), also teaching in the context of business schools like Fielding Graduate University, TIAS, Buas and the Vuca Academy. Enabling him to present his lessons from the world of jazz, and in the wider sense the worlds of music, art, design and the professional creative industries, blending it all in a unique, coherent learning experience.